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Harsh Environment Air-cooled Condenser Units

Air-cooled condenser units, constructed for highly corrosive applications including saltwater, high wind or sand, chemical, and harmonic vibration conditions.
Equipment constructed of 316S and 317S marine-grade stainless steel, minimum carbon of 0.03C with bolt stainless steel fasteners using Teflon spacers. Compressor protected by stainless steel sleeve. Condenser fan is constructed of glass reinforced Marelon with heavy gauge marine cast aluminum. Motor is totally enclosed, operational up to 70 °C (158 °F). Unit comes with sight glass, filter dried, access valves, and hot gas bypass. Condenser coil is epoxy coated. Optional copper to copper treated coil is available.
Totally enclosed sealed water-proof electric box uses UL approved components. High/low pressure and freeze-protection, phase and voltage monitors, circuit breaker protection, and lock-out relays are standard. Systems are designed to operate at temperature range from -10 °F to +130 °F (-23.33 °C to +54.44°C). Various voltages available.
Applications include vessels subject to harmonic vibration, commercial fishing vessels, large yachts, oceanfront properties, hotels, industrial sites, oceanfront residences, or any condition where a standard marine-grade system will not provide years of optimal performance.

Systems available from 1 to 500 tons.

6 TON (72,000 BTU)

15 TON (180,000 BTU)

100 TON (1,200,000 BTU)

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